Begin With The Future In Mind With Rockwell Primaries

(Poster from Rockwell Primaries) Couple of years ago when we were still living in Greenhills, hubby and I have been talking about Rockwell’s new development near us – Rockwell Primaries in 53 Benitez. It is near Greenhills Shopping Area, near … Continue reading

Belly Blankets by Belly Armor

I have been wanting to blog about my Belly Blanket from Belly Armor for quite a while now but have been extremely busy. It is one of the things that I really pack wherever we go. I use it while … Continue reading

Safety Zone by Halo Philippines

Here is an interesting event for first time parents and yayas! YES, please bring your yayas or whoever will help you take care of your precious little one. Specially if you are going back to work and leaving the little … Continue reading

Belly Blessed Fest 2014

Happening today (Friday) until Sunday, July 12-13, 10am to 10pm, 2nd and 3rd level, Atrium, Podium Mall. If you are expecting or a new mom, or looking for something to give as gifts to expecting friends or new parents, here … Continue reading

Manuka Honey by Bee Healthy

Here is another product my husband and I totally swear by! Note: Please check their website for updated prices as this photo was posted six months ago. We’ve been taking Manuka Honey since 2011.  Before little Izzy arrived, my hubby and … Continue reading

Food Sensitivity And Food Intolerance

 “Our bodies are only as good as how we make them to be. When we eat and discover undesirable results, we more often than not attribute it to allergies. The truth is that allergy-like symptoms may manifest in the onset … Continue reading

APEC Schools Affordable Private Education

One of the presenters from yesterday’s BETTER ME Session with Coach Pia of OneCore and SOMOMS is APEC Schools. This is a partnership between Ayala and Pearson to bring world class education to the Filipino children. Their Mission: APEC SCHOOLS aims to … Continue reading

Izzy’s Walnut a.k.a. Confidence Shoes

Izzy’s Walnut a.k.a. Confidence Shoes

Note: This is not a product endorsement. I bought Izzy’s pair. Really happy with it. Finding the first walking shoes can be really tricky. In our case, we’ve tried to be thrifty about it knowing that our daughter’s cute little … Continue reading



(Tepie’s art. Photo from Joey’s FB.) While driving back from my short meeting with Grace and Sander, words are already racing in my head. I would like to write as soon as possible due to the urgency of Joey’s condition … Continue reading