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Ice Cream and Chocolates is the official blog of Em Matias-Sulit. Mom, wife, entrepreneur, an avid world traveler who loves nature, photography, organic products, green living, mixed martial arts and adventure.

I am one of the Directors of The Souq Organics, Izzy Collection and Game Changer.


There are blogs that make you cry, make you sad, make you angry or depressed. I want this blog to make you smile, optimistic and enthusiastic to be better, do things better, and inspire you to see the world.


These are my feel-good food. So naturally, entries in this blog will be about happy-bright-cheerful-joyful things that make me and my family feel good.

I’ll be writing mostly about entrepreneurship, maybe mommyhood, definitely travels and adventures, eco-living, eco-products and of course, happy yummy ice cream and chocolates!

Thinking about a name for this blog is not easy. I’ve been asking my husband everyday. None of the names we thought of before feels right. So this morning (August 14, 2013), I was thinking of “ecochicmomnbabe.” Eco because we believe in eco-living; chic because I think we’re elegant, smart, fashionable and dressy. But my husband laughed at “chic!” How can we be chic when we love wearing shirts and board shorts, underwear with holes and comfy super old tees? Heck, I can’t even wear high heels! So I guess we’re not chic after all. As a joke I told him, “OK I will name this blog ice cream and chocolates! It makes me happy.” And then he said, “Hey, that’s catchy!” And the more I think about it, the more it feels right! And the more it makes me feel happy! Just imagine me getting free ice cream and chocolates everywhere if this blog becomes famous!!! Heaven! Haha.

So yes, this blog started on a very happy note and very happy thoughts. Ice cream and chocolates, it is!

Also, all the blog entries are based on personal experiences and reviews. I do not accept sponsored or paid blog. All the brands and products you see in this blog are personal favorites. Many friends and other people ask me “What do you think of this product.” It is one of my personal motto: “If you do not have nice things to say, better keep your mouth shut.” I do not give personal critics to brands, products or services. As it is not my nature to criticize or say bad things. I always believe that people can grow to something good and great if given the chances and guided properly.

Photo credits: OldEnglishCo


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