Stylist of Sorts

Sharing with you Anne Bella’s blog feature regarding our styling and wardrobe purging sessions. In a different post, I will share why getting a stylist ended up more economical and how it saved me lots of frustrations, precious time, energy, resources and money.

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Because meetings shouldn’t be done in boring corporate attire. Vest, Zara; top, Plains & Prints; jeans, American Eagle; shoes, Aldo.

The first thing Em told me before we met up to shop was “I’m bringing Max with me”. Maximus was her adorable seven month old son who, like most babies, was permanently attached to his mother’s hip 24/7.  This was unfamiliar territory for me, to say the least. I’ve never shopped with a baby around.  There was going to be a lot of fitting, waiting, walking, uncomfortable fitting rooms and noisy shoppers.  How was a baby to take that all in?  True to form, Max would cry whenever Em would give him to his yaya as she fit the clothes I gave her. He was obviously stressed out, but Em? Not once did I find his mother distressed, embarrassed or impatient.  She obediently wore everything I handed to her (fast and efficiently) and quietly let me dissect the garments, agreeing when it made us both happy and saying so when it didn’t.  Her easy and relaxed demeanor despite the crying baby in close proximity put my doubts to rest and allowed me to take everything in stride.  If the mother wasn’t bothered and was able to do the task at hand, who was I to complain?  Needless to say I have a newfound respect for moms who do it all with nothing but love for their family above everything. I learned a lot from those days spent with Em and Maximus that I promised to apply if and when I’d have to shop with my baby in tow.

Being a hands-on mom, wife and entrepreneur, Em’s wardrobe consisted of old clothes from her college days–a lot of xs!–colorful Missoni sweaters from her years living abroad, gym clothes and forgotten corporate wear.  Together we purged her closet mostly putting stuff in the “discard” pile until she was left with the bare essentials that served as the skeleton for her new wardrobe.  The next few days were spent scouring the shops in the malls and taking advantage of the sales.  Her conditions: has to be easy to wear, breast-feeding friendly, dressy enough to take meetings in but comfortable at the same time, shoes that can go from boardroom to ballet class with daughter Izzy and a baptism outfit for Max that weekend.  I’d say we found everything she needed and a little bit more, making sure that each piece can be mixed and matched down to the shoes.  Em posted her new outfits on IG and FB immediately, commenting how easy it was for her to get dressed that day.  It was music to my ears, my job was done.  Here are [A FEW OF] the results, enjoy!


A cool travel outfit that allows her to move. Cape, Tango; top, Uniqlo; jeans, American Eagle; sneakers, Natural World.



The vest done casually. Vest, Zara; top, Plains & Prints; jeans, Uniqlo; sandals, Seychelles.



The requisite “errand” dress in the softest jersey. Dress, Mosaic; sneakers, Bensimon.

Em8-1-of-1-1024x683 (1)

Playground love. Top, Plains & Prints; pants, Zara; sandals, Mango.


We both fell in love with the spider detail!


That went so well with the nature-inspired print of these pants.


An easy, breezy playsuit that’s cute for date night too. Playsuit, Mosaic; shoes, Mango.


A closer look. Yes, those are shorts!


A surprisingly slimming skirt goes with flat sandals for day. Top, Plains & Prints; skirt, Zara; sandals, Renegade Folk.


Switching things up with wedges for a mommies night out.

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