Are You A Proactive Parent?

To all our friends who are pregnant or trying to conceive. Please read 🙂

Last July 27, I attended Hi-Precision Diagnostic’s media launch for their Panorama prenatal test. It is “A new simple blood test that can help you learn about the health of your baby. Test can be done as early as 9 weeks of pregnancy and it’s the only non-invasive prenatal test that can identify triploidy.” I hope they already had this when we got pregnant with Izzy and Maximus. Both babies are perfectly healthy but having proper and accurate information lessens stress and unnecessary worries of the unknown.

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Here’s a summary from Hi-Precision’s leaflet to give you more information about Panorama PreNatal Test.


“A simple blood draw from the mother is used to screen for genetic abnormalities found in the baby’s DNA.

  • Down Syndrome (T21)
  • Edward’s Syndrome (T18)
  • Patau Syndrome (T13)
  • Triploidy
  • Sex chroosome abnormalities:
    • Turner Syndrome
  • Option to screen for microdeletions:
  • Gender of baby can also be determined (Yes! At 9 weeks pregnancy!)


Test specificity: False positive rate is less than 1%

Turn around time: 14 working days

“By knowing the state of your child’s health and gender as early as possible, you can better prepare for your child’s future. With Panorama Prenatal Screen test, you will be given informative reports which will allow you to decide on your next course of action for the future health and well-being of your baby.”


Are you a proactive mom? Being proactive means thinking long-term for your family. “It is a commitment to get ready today for tomorrow’s issues and concerns in order to manage them in the best possible way.” Remember the adage “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail?” I believe it in.


In this photo: Christine Dychiao of Manila Fashion Observer, Monica Eleazar-Manzano of Flow Yoga Retreats and My Little Globe Trotter, myself and Maximus, Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Jackie Go of Go Jackie Go, Pam Basa-Siao of Green Lunch Diaries and Tina Ong of The Phenomenal Mama.



A few checklist for proactive moms:

  • You have a first air kit at home
  • Your preschooler has memorized your home address, and knows your name (Note to self: must work on this!!!)
  • When your family goes on a trip, you bring along medication for headaches, dizziness, fever, allergies, etc. (Hmmm, I’m not as proactive as I thought I am.)
  • When you were pregnant, you took a screen test
  • You have a spare shoe in your car, and a change of clothes
  • You have your kids take their daily dose of vitamins. (Not so much of a believer in drugs)
  • You know how to perform CPR
  • You keep all of your family member’s medical records
  • You make sure that every family member has an umbrella before he walks out the door. (Uso pa ba yan?! Hehe)
  • You and your husband have drawn up a will. (Yikes! Must work on this!)
  • Your kids have all their shots done, with booster shots to boot
  • You have an emergency pack at home
  • You and your child went to the bank to open a savings account for him/her. (Note to self: Must do for Maximus soon!)
  • You have an annual physical check-up
  • You and your family practice earthquake drills
  • Your child’s school bag and lunchbox are tagged appropriately. (Note to self: Must do this for Izzy)
  • You know how to swim. (Yikes! Not good! Must work on more life-saving skills!)
  • Preparing a delicious well-balanced meal is part of your everyday agenda
  • You get everyone in the family a flue shot every year
  • You save a portion of your salary every month
  • Your child has a piggy bank
  • You know the blood type of every member of your family. (Yikes! Kept on forgetting this!)
  • Before going to sleep, you and your husband make sure that all doors are locked and all windows are closed. (I do check ‘coz hubby always forgetting to lock the main door 🙂
  • You’ve talked to your teenage kids about safe sex. (Too far along!!!)
  • You carry a barf bag whenever you go on short errands or long trips with the kids

There! Hope this list is useful to you! 🙂


In this photo: Melissa Ongsue, owner of Hi-Precision, in green leafy top and black skirt.

They do home service for many of their services! Including Kasambahay packages! Save gas, money, energy and precious time!!! Love Hi-Precision!!! Thank you Melissa for bringing the technology to our shores!!!


For more information, please visit:

Facebook page:


Corporate Hotline: +63.2.863.9999

Home Service Hotline: +63.2.741.7777 | +63.917.6348526 | +63.922.8906664


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