Why We Love Huggies


It gives the family GOOD MORNINGS!


Waking up with a dry bed is a GOOD MORNING! We have had several incidents of waking up in the middle of the night with flooded bed because of weewee leaks. Sometimes I would also wake up at night, to find the boy’s clothes and beddings soaking wet. This is very frustrating and upsetting. Aside from the inconvenience of changing bed sheets when we’re supposed to be all sleeping, we had to move both kiddies so we can change beddings. Of course, both will wake up at some point. And most of the time, both will start crying from being disturbed. Since it always happens deep in the night, we do not wake up the helps anymore. So we do the changing ourselves. It also poses health issues. Because what if we sleep through the night, and the boy’s clothes and beddings got soaked from leaks? Waking up in the mornings with a dry bed is a luxury. Thanks to Huggies!!!


Kids not having red rashes are GOOD MORNINGS! Aside from the kiddies being “kawawa” when they get rashes, medicine and treatments are also expensive. So again, thanks Huggies!!!


Both kiddies using one size diaper is a GOOD DAY. No need to worry about the boy running out of size M diapers, especially when we are outside the house. He started wearing Ate Izzy’s XL Huggies Dry Pants too! And in the last three months we’ve been using it on him, not a single day or night with leak.


We have very active babies also. So it’s great that Huggies Dry Pants stay in place. Even with so much friction from all the moving – running, tumbling, jumping…Huggies Dry Pants stay dry and in place.


Other reasons why we love Huggies:

  • Soft and stretchable waistband. So easy to pull up. Does not give the kiddies angry red marks on the waist. Who would know that putting diapers on a toddler and infant would be such a struggle? Sometimes it’s nearly an impossible task.
  • Tear-away side seams. So easy for us to remove the diaper for poopie washing but not easy for the kiddies to remove – no surprises!!! (I.e. Kid pooping or wee-wee-ing in some parts of the house because they managed to remove their nappies on their own. Yes it happened several times already)
  • Blue lines in front to know which side should be in front and which side for back
  • No leaks!!! We’ve been waking up to a dry bed since we started using Huggies
  • No rashes
  • So soft to the skin. Seriously, surface of some diapers are like sand papers
  • No sharp parts that cut on kiddies’ skin


Visit huggies.com for more info!


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