Moment Collecting

One of our goals in the upcoming years, is to live in 1 to 2 countries each year, for 1 to 2 months, and really immerse ourselves with culture, find inspirations, meet new people, and bring home things off the beaten path. We also decided we want to spend these travels learning new skills, advancing and developing whatever skills we already have. In line with this, I recently attended a workshop with Abbey Sy and Mikka Wee, to learn how I can better journal our upcoming family adventures. It’s always fun to learn new skills.


Here are some samples of Abbey’s work grabbed from her Facebook page.

10613021_1458551117777020_2610735674193997936_n 10888871_1457660174532781_397265538150420058_n

11535807_1457960687836063_6038921616761127382_n 11692687_1462981880667277_1083057160082428528_n

Work and photos by the brilliant Abbey Sy

How lovely right!!! The workshop was attended by young creative souls. 13, 15, 18 year olds and 20s! I feel like the lola during the workshop! Haha. But it’s great to be surrounded by youthful energy. Their eagerness to learn is very infectious! And love how talented Mikka Wee and Abbey Sy are. I noted a lot of quotable quotes from Mikka Wee. These girls are such darlings!

Here are a few of my snap shots from the workshop:

11749731_10153980919190130_385512359_n 11751072_10153980918900130_1595187107_n (1)  11753873_10153980919155130_832026322_n 11758841_10153980918965130_625691245_n  11774245_10153980919185130_1194181650_n 11759451_10153980919220130_1950546323_n

Here’s a sample of my very first work. Haha the kiddies can do a much better job.

11774269_10153980918915130_690956056_n (1)

Oh well, there’s always beginning to everything. And here I’m a beginner.

A few nuggets I picked-up from wordsmith Mikka Wee:

  • It’s OK to put ourselves out there
  • It’s possible for people to have really really good heart
  • The more connected you are with your phone, the more disconnected you are with the world (my favorite)
  • Appreciate the quietness
  • Stories make you see things differently
  • Live simply. You can live with less and still be so happy
  • Find that balancing act

Good day everyone!


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