Voices, Noises and Echos

Realization: The moment you stopped paying attention to other people’s lives and minding your own business, is the moment your true self and your true voice will come out.


Image from Pinterest

I haven’t written for a while. I felt that my posts are getting lost and not taking the direction I wanted it to take. That I am echoing a lot of things I see in Facebook and Instagram. So I stopped writing to take a step back and rethink what I am doing.

I paid more attention to my kids, to my family, to our lives, to growing our business, to ME. After several months, I noticed that my Facebook statuses and my Instagram feed have stopped being about brands and products. It became more about me, my family, our lives.


Image from Pinterest

Just like #MindfulMotherhood and #MindfulParenting, I believe there is also such a thing called #MindfulBlogging. I didn’t want to be just another clutter in the web. The #JustKeepOnWriting and #ItWillGetBetter do not always apply. At least, not for me. I asked myself what value am I bringing to the lives of other people if I am just writing for the sake of writing and blogging? Do I really have something to say?


Image from Pinterest


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