2/365: Happy Morsels For Inspired Everydays | My 365 Page Book

Here’s a happy morsel to inspire this day!

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 8.50.55 AM

Photo credits: A.Ortigas

“Tomorrow is the blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” – By: Brad Paisley

I saw the above photo in my IG feed this morning after I felt like crying. My toddler peed on the bed and sprinkled crumbs of sticky cupcakes all over. Good thing we’re able to find mattress protector for the new bed in Japan Homes. Then the little boy started crying which almost immediately progressed to howling. For those who do not experience this daily, it might be nothing. But if you experience it daily, it could really get to your nerves. It’s only funny in the beginning. If it’s not pee, it’s oreo all over the bed, or sand from her sandbox, or playdoh, or the breastmilk I am trying to save up. There’s always something. It’s funny when friends and relatives hear the stories. But it stops being funny for moms after a while.

It’s really our attitude towards challenges that dictates the mood of our day. So instead of crying and feeling frustrated yet again, I made a deep breath and whispered my thankfulness for having healthy, energetic, smart, active kids. Wet bedsheets can be laundered and crumbs of cupcakes can be cleaned. So there’s really no reason to be frustrated. I am telling myself, it is a phase of her toddlerhood. This shall pass soon. I should not have given cupcakes while in bed in the first place nor dilly-dallied on changing the nappy.

Today I will write a good one! A very good reminder for all of us. Have a great 2015 everyone!

If you are reading this, feel free to repost or share with anyone whom you think might need to read this quote. Let’s help each other have #HappyMorselsForInspiredEverydays

Feel free to leave a comment. Would love to hear from you.



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