Belly Blankets by Belly Armor

I have been wanting to blog about my Belly Blanket from Belly Armor for quite a while now but have been extremely busy. It is one of the things that I really pack wherever we go. I use it while working, while resting and lying down. And I always ask our yaya to ensure to pack it whenever we are going out. Very handy as baby blanket for Izzy and it gives me peace of mind for its radiation shield capabilities for baby number 2 in my tummy. I heavily use gadgets because of work. Laptop on the lap/table, phones in the pockets, iPad on the side, plus wifi everywhere!

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 4.34.28 PM

Someone said to me, “We never had those when you guys were born and you are all ok.” Well, we are living in a different age and time now. They do not even have cellphones, WIFIs, iPads, Macs and other gadgets when we were born. So it is not right to compare then and now. We are living in a much toxic environment nowadays. Exposing our babies and kiddos to so many harmful stuff and chemicals. So for whatever reason – SAFETY FIRST! Prevention is better than cure. I would rather spend on a belly blanket or belly armor if it means protection for my babies than spend more money in hospital later for treatments of illness and diseases they might get because of exposure to carcinogenic stuff. Better be safe than sorry.

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When I first saw this in Expo Mom, it immediately piqued my curiosity but I told myself it might be another baby product that is packaged and marketed well but not really important. So I decided to google it first and do some more research. I have read more  reviews and what the experts have to say about the topic of radiation and how it affects pregnancy, fetus and young kids. Being a marketing person myself, I am generally wary of marketers when I see a new product. There are many products in the market nowadays that do not do much but clutter our homes – but we buy them anyway because they are in really nice packaging, nice write-ups and oh well, it’s the “in-thing.”

Cosmo_open boxDefinitely not this product. One of my number one priority as a mom is to ensure SAFETY FIRST for my little ones. It is one thing I cannot and will never compromise. No questions asked. So is the product useful? YES!!! Is it worth the price tag? YES!!!

  Belly Blanket Cosmo

Here are some more information you might find useful if you are pregnant now or have a little one.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.39.45 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.40.14 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.40.36 PM

Download this document for more comprehensive information: Everyday Radiation Info Pack (2014)

For moms who would like to purchase Belly Armor or Belly Blankets, here are their contact details here in Manila:


Mobile number: +63917.8473739 | +63920.9500358


And again, as word of caution, get only from reliable suppliers! So many copy cats nowadays!


11 thoughts on “Belly Blankets by Belly Armor

  1. I was not aware about this when I was still pregnant (that was just 3 years ago). Thank God everything turned out fine naman. But of course if I’m pregnant now, I’ll also get this one, because just like what you’ve said, safety first! Thank you for sharing. 🙂


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