Pylones Philippines

I saw a Pylones boutique in Rockwell, PowerPlant Mall, Makati late last year.

IMG_9628 copy

I did not go inside the store, as the barrage of colors overwhelms me. If you will take a peak at my closet, you will see mostly blacks, whites, browns, grays, blues, and a few dark greens. I have kept the basic colors for my wardrobe since 2001. I used to travel heavily for work – almost 3x a week. Under my umbrella were thirteen (13) countries and the demand to be in one location to the next was crazy – thus the basic colors for clothing and accessories.  I was always in a hurry so it only makes sense to keep my wardrobe that way. I can just pull whatever from the closet, dress up without worrying if “bagay or hindi bagay” and I’m ready to go. I was provided living quarters by the company in many of these countries. Thus, leaving or interchanging my stuff from one country to the other is never a problem.

During the last Expo Mom, Mommy Mundo gave me a gift voucher from Pylones.

10173522_763509177016515_2273511634286038768_n 10390430_763510037016429_3061922311989973073_n

Little Izzy holding a Pylones Sprinkle. It’s an eco bag folded inside a cute little ballerina.

I told myself “uy why not.” I might be able to find some stuff for Izzy. We went to the branch in Glorietta 5. If you are a “stick-to-basics-kind-of-gal” like me, Pylones is the perfect place to start looking to add some colors back into your life!

These are my top choices:

 IMG_9631 copy

Envelopes, best for putting knick – knacks like colored pens, highlighters, etc. so they’re not cluttered all around your bag.

IMG_9633 copy

Umbrellas!!! Looooove the black one!

IMG_9623 copy

Cherry blossoms in gold background. Calling card case, credit card / ATM / ID case, and iPhone case.


iPad covers.

IMG_9629 copy

Hair brushes. They come in two sizes.

IMG_9632 copy

More umbrellas!

IMG_9638 copy

These are actually cigarette ash holders but it can be used as coin purse too. I’ll be sure to say “Coin Purse” if I will use this as gift. I do not encourage smoking. Health is wealth! Smoking kills you slowly!

For the use of the gift voucher, I settled for this colorful and quirky laptop case. Sliding my macbook in and out is a breeze! It also fits in my basic black Taske bag nicely.

 IMG_9624 copy

Thank you Pylones for coming to our shores and for bringing these colorful, lively, quirky and cheerful accessories!!! Thank you Expo Mom and Mommy Mundo for the gift voucher! And thanks to the lovely team in Glorietta 5 for accommodating my toddler until she’s had her fill of all the colorful things inside your store. It’s a great visual stimulation for her!

IMG_9635 copy

Not a lot of store personnel have patience for little ones. And I highly appreciate how the staff in Glorietta 5 accommodated my little one. Will definitely come back for more – especially for Christmas gifts! Great customer service!


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