APEC Schools Affordable Private Education

One of the presenters from yesterday’s BETTER ME Session with Coach Pia of OneCore and SOMOMS is APEC Schools. This is a partnership between Ayala and Pearson to bring world class education to the Filipino children.

Their Mission:

APEC SCHOOLS aims to TRANSFORM millions of lives through affordable and high quality private education.

APEC Schools is a chain of private schools which offer quality private education based on international standards at an affordable price.
Check these tuition fees!

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 9.31.06 AM

This really is great news for all parents out there who wants to send their children to private schools but cannot afford the tall tuition fees.


During the presentation, the presenter highlighted some of APEC Schools strengths:

  • Digital classrooms and contents
  • Promotes English speaking environment
  • APEC curriculum (compliant with DEPED curriculum with numerous enhancements)
  • Lifelabs – enhancements from US, AUS, CANADA. Lifelabs tackle real life problems to equip the students with problem-solving skills and other necessary skills that would enable them to adapt to the professional community after high school
  • School wide CCTV cameras – NO BULLYING!!!
  • High-quality teachers
  • World class education

To know more about APEC Schools, please visit https://www.facebook.com/APECSchools.


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