Yesterday I was looking for photos of Risa Chocolates from my 2011 external drives. Risa Chocolates is one of the very few premier artisanal chocolates that I really love since I came back home to the Philippines. I’ve lived overseas for almost nine years. Though I do not know how to make chocolates – which I hope to learn one of these days – I have sampled and tasted so many great tasting chocolates from around the globe. I am always passionate when it is about ice cream and chocolates! I used to spend a huge chunk of my travel allowances in artisanal chocolates. Risa Chocolates is one of the best chocolates I have tasted. I am serious when I say “Napapanaginipan ko talaga ang chocolates nila.” [I really dream about their chocolates!] Promise!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 3.10.45 PM

(Photo credit: thedieline.com)


(Photo credit: Risa Chocolates FB page)

I remember eating these for breakfast together with Baked by Anita mini-cupcakes as early as 6am to 8am. We used to do bazaars and weekend markets together when we were test marketing The Souq Organics. I have always loved their dark chocolate truffles with orange, truffles with cerveza and orange peel dipped in dark chocolate.

Here is their packaging during the old Mercato Centrale days where both of us were in Organic Market tent.




(Photos from my old hard drive)

To control my consumption I would buy the smallest box. I would end-up going back for more! The freshness of her chocolates are a tease to the tastebud and senses!

Risa Chocolates is easily one of my most favorites!!! DEFINITELY A MUST TRY! I specially love their orange peel dipped in dark chocolate. So delicious! And the truffles! Oh the truffles – melts in your mouth!!!


1003438_632162246813329_2111920495_n   944142_611432242219663_440880390_n

(Photo credits: Risa Chocolates FB page)

The owner – Pam, lovingly makes all the chocolates herself. She’s one of my model mommies too. She used to bring her little one in Mercato. I told myself that time that if I ever have a baby, I want a business where I can bring her with me all the time – it can be done as shown by Pam and her husband! Her daughter is one of the most well behaved babies I have seen. Happy baby! And she’s got the most supportive husband – corporate on weekdays – entrepreneurial support and “yayo” on weekends. He used to hold the little one while Pam talks to customers. How sweet is that? A husband that supports your passion all the way.

I was overly joyed when I saw her in AWCP bazaar after three years.  And of course I bought the orange peel dipped in dark chocolate and truffles again. I was ecstatic when I saw she still carries my favorite flavors. It brought a lot of warm feelings and fond memories. I remember all the Saturdays and Sundays when my then fiance – now husband and I woke up at 4am, load our car and arrive at Mercato Organic Market by 5 am to set-up our merchandise. At 6am we were already talking to our fellow start-up entrepreneurs. It was great to be in the company of dreamers and doers. Like what I’ve always been telling my husband, a lot of people have great ideas and big dreams all the time, but very few can execute and go for their dreams. Many are too scared to venture out of their comfort zone and brave the wilds. Yes – I call entrepreneurship as “The Wilds.”


(In Photo: Pam selling Risa Chocolates in AWCP Bazaar.

And me holding little Izzy – a few weeks old at that time)

They have already improved the over-all look of the logo, product and packaging. This is their look now – which I totally love!

08_27_13_risachocolate_2  08_27_13_risachocolate_7

(Photo credits: thedieline.com)

Their chocolates are so good that Breakfast at Antonio‘s even started selling it!


(Photo credit: Risa Chocolates FB page)

They’ve been featured by Yummy Magazine, When In Manila and many other well-known blogs!


(Photo credit: Risa Chocolates FB page)

They can also customize their chocolates for your special occasions like weddings, birthdays, baptisms, corporate events and give-aways.


(Photo credit: Risa Chocolates FB page)

To contact them for orders, here are their details:

Facebook: facebook.com/RisaChocolate

Email: chocolates@risa.ph

Website: http://www.risa.ph

Mobile nos.: +63.918.942.4573 / +63.917.565.7185

Here is their menu:


Try Risa Chocolates and let me know!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 9.23.27 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 9.23.42 AM


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