Golden Nuggets from the Mompreneur Summit 2013

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This was the framed quote that was on our table in Mompreneur Summit.

It is always good to go out of our holes from time to time. My days for the past year have been spent mostly at home – working from home, taking care of my little one, feedings, giving baths, playing, teaching, changing diapers, washing smelly poop (goodness!!!), that sometimes I am asking myself if my previous life was ever real or just a distant dream. Was I really that person who jet set across Asia-Pacific 3x a week and lived from one country to another every three to six months? Was I ever that person who always threw caution in the air, bought air tickets whenever bored, and just ended up in a spa hotel somewhere – sleeping the whole day? I remember one time I hopped on the train from HongKong to Beijing, slept for three days, then finally joined tour groups and roamed the tourist areas aimlessly.

Before the Mompreneur Summit, I mostly see the news of the ‘outside world’ thru cable and internet – all so negative and sad. PDAF scam. Senators, congressmen, lawmakers getting away with it. Million-dollar march. Conflict in Syria. Status updates of FB friends about traffic, heavy traffic and heavier traffics. More corruption. Floods here and there due to the typhoons. After living overseas for over ten years, the Philippines just looks so bleak and sad. That is until I decided I must go out of my hole and socialize. With or without yaya for my little one, I must go out and see that the world still exists outside our little box. Don’t get me wrong; I am one very busy work-from-home mompreneur. But since I gave birth I have decided to work at home and take care of our little one. When little Izzy was born it was the time when many babies were being ‘taken’ from hospitals by people pretending to be doctors or nurses. Many toddlers and kids were also being ‘taken’ from inside the safety of their homes by yayas and from right outside their homes. Incidents were all over the news. The horrors! So I was one paranoid mama insisting that my little Izzy would be constantly under my watch 24/7. I am not going to let just any one take care of her.

From being very busy entrepreneur and majorly talking to people everyday – to just staying home taking care of our little one – it was a big big change. Lately I just needed to hear some real words and intelligent conversations from grown-ups aside from social media, online news, internet and aside from the dadadas and abooboos.


Attending the Mompreneur Summit has really been good. Hearing the speakers talk about their businesses and entrepreneurial passions, endeavors and challenges reinforced my decision to let the world know I’m alive. It re-ignited my desire to be more active again in our businesses.

Here are some resounding golden nuggets I picked-up from the Mompreneur Summit that I would like to share with you:

1. From Janice Villanueva, Founder of Mommy Mundo and Mompreneur Manila – “When you set yourself on fire, people would love to come and see you burn.” People naturally love to help other people. I remember when we were just starting our business, so many family and friends helped us. We paid it forward by giving free advice to our fellow bazaaristas and connecting people. When you put something exciting out there, you will find more people would actually want to help you and make your dreams happen. Pay no attention to naysayers. They would have the loudest voices but they are very few. They would say your dreams couldn’t be done because they cannot do it themselves.

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2. From Amor Maclang of GeiserMaclang. “Doing well while doing good. Great marketing has a heart. Match ‘vision’ to ‘execution.’ Start thinking like a market leader. Touch more families. Touch more lives. Be an instrument for change.I was always telling my husband, we should do this, we should do that – referring to our entrepreneurial projects. Why aren’t we doing this and that. All talk, no action. Again, as Amor puts it – match ‘vision’ to ‘execution.’ Meaning move your ass and do something about it. Don’t just talk about it. Do something. Action. Action. Action. Nothing gets done until you move.

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3. From Anne Arcenas-Gonzalez of Havaianas. “Believe in your brand, your brand story and your brand values. Be an early mover. Do not be complacent. Life will send you all sorts of things. But when you’re an entrepreneur, you are always going to be an entrepreneur. So we are one of the early movers in organic cosmetics in the Philippines. We are the pioneer in bringing in 100% pure organic authentic highest grade Moroccan Argan Oil to the market. So what? We’ve been complacent. I will go back to Amor’s statement – “Start thinking like a market leader,” and Anne’s words – “Do not be complacent.”

4. From husband and wife – AJ and Audrey Dimarucot of Googoo&Gaga. “Trust and credibility. Authenticity and consistency. Be a brand worth watching.” My new mantra! “Be a brand worth watching. Be a brand worth watching. Be a brand worth watching.” This talk has been especially resounding to me because my husband and I started Souq. For the first two years we worked really hard. During peak season, usually we’re up from 3am loading goods to our SUV and doing ingress at 4am or 5am. Then we would go home at midnight or 1am to 2am. We worked hard, but not intelligently. We loved what we were doing. It’s our own business after all. Until burnout and fatigue said – “Oh hi there! Hello.” (See No. 6)

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5. From Jenni Epperson, “You cannot and will not develop your own voice when you keep on listening to other voices. Stay true to who you are. Start now! Create your own dream!” I will have a separate blog about this. I have picked-up so many golden nuggets from Jenni’s talk that this blog would be soooooooo loooooong if I write about it here.

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6. From Joy Abaquin of Multiple Intelligence. “Success begins with ME: ‘I’ am the BEST capital.” In relation to no. 4, we’re not machines. After a while, burnout and fatigue would say hello. So reminder to all of us, “respect ourselves, rest, breathe, relax, and do not overwork to death. Family, friends, health and life are more important.” Again, “Success begins with ME: ‘I’ am the BEST capital.”

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More things have been said by these super mompreneurs. After the summit, I realized I was not alone in the many highs and lows, the happiness and woes, of being a mompreneur. I went away very inspired. I also picked-up lots of ideas to expand and grow our existing businesses.

To Mommy Mundo and Mompreneur Manila team, kudos for organizing empowering events such as Mompreneur Summit. And thank you so much for providing a play-area for our little ones. I hope companies would start providing day-care facilities so moms can start bringing little ones. Hey that’s a business idea! Perhaps our mompreneur friends from Toddlers Teachers Inc, ICCB or KinderMusik and other friends with similar businesses can start talking to companies so they can operate their toddler/kiddie schools inside company premises.

Mompreneur Group Photo

(Photo credit: Mompreneur Manila)

I would encourage all my work-at-home mommy friends and aspiring-to-be mompreneur friends to attend the next Mompreneur Summit and go out of your little boxes!!! It is really good to hear real life stories of challenges and successes from real people. Ring me, PM me or leave me a message here – let’s have coffee and let’s talk about business!

And last but not the least, I would like to thank all our family and friends, for the support, love, and votes for me in the recently concluded Mompreneur Awards. Super mompreneur Audrey of Googoo&Gaga took home the trophy but definitely feeling like a winner! Happy to be nominated but was really ecstatic to be shortlisted for the award amongst scores of nominations! Kisses and big thank you to all!

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