What is the First Thing You Grab in the Morning?

Family is the most important thing in the world” – Princess Diana


On Ms. Leah Camilla Besa-Jimenez’s opening talk, (Head of Digital – Smart Communications Inc.) during the IMMAP Summit, she requested all the audience to stand-up and participate in an exercise. This question was flashed on the screen:

“What Is The First Thing You Grab Upon Waking Up In The Morning?”

She then said, “All those who grab their smartphones first, please sit down.” I am one of those who sat down; amongst – I would say – some 90+ percent in the room. It is a sad reality. Most of us grab our smartphones first before our loved ones.

Even our little one, when she wakes up in the morning, she tries to reach for her daddy’s blackberry. And she just turned 1! Before the summit, we found this very funny. After the summit, I mentioned it to my husband. “Whatever she see, she does!” And we realize that it is not a healthy habit and not something we would like our little one to emulate from us.

Since that time, as long as all members of my small family are safely home at night, I have made it a point to leave my iPhone, iPad and Macbook in my home office desk, outside our room. Nothing is more important than my family. Everything else can wait. Family first!

Now in my mornings, the first I grab are:

1) My precious little Izzy – with an “I love you,” hugs and kisses in the cheeks and forehead

2) And my loving hubby – with more “I love yous,” and kiss in the lips

Now we do not bring electronics in the table anymore. So waking up is for hugs and kisses and wishing each other a great day ahead. Breakfast time is for eating and catching up since it’s the only time our little family really share mealtimes on weekdays.

Here are a few videos to watch, to hopefully drive the point:

Video: I_Forgot_My_Phone

Video: A Silent Message For All Of Us

Disconnect to connect! Again, nothing is more important than family.


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